Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dear Pope Francis: Please answer.

Please answer the following question.

"Is it more proper for Catholics to build a new church building using rich materials or would it be more proper to use simpler and cheaper materials (the capacity and strength being equal)  and give the remaining fund to starving poor children? "

I believe you should speak up, my dear Pope. This controversy has been there as long as I live, with no clear cut answer from higher church hierarchy. And sometimes the church was silent for a long time without giving loud and clear direction in serious affairs such as slavery, making good people without direction and, as a result, doing improper things.

One side cites the very expensive perfume poured on Jesus' head; woman vs other disciples opinion. Matt 26:6.

Other side cites "For I was hungry and you gave me food" Matt 25:35

You have talked about how you were hurt when you saw a priest with latest-model car. Please give your clear and loud direction on the above.

Thank you, dear Pope.


 Dear Pope Francis, pls answer. Should we build a new church building using rich or cheaper materials?. (10)


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